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A Hands-On Review of The Cuisipro Foam Pump

We recently picked up something that’s been reviewed in magazines including Harpers and Vogue, a neat little gadget that’s perfect for your guest bathroom. It’s the new Cuisipro Foam Pump, a fun and practical little gadget that works very well and makes washing hands very fast, easy and convenient.

The Cuisipro Foam Pump is a soap pump that functions as a liquid soap dispenser, but with one key difference. What it does is to convert liquid soap into foam. So, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be thinking two things at this point. One, foam is nicer than soap and your guests will appreciate the difference; and two, a foam pump makes hand soap last longer… saving money in the long run.

Regular readers of my posts will know that I absolutely love frugality and things that save money. I also love gadgets that impress my friends and my guests. The Cuisipro Foam Pump is, as you might expect, going to score big points on both these criteria.

All in all, we found the Cuisipro Foam Pump easy to use, and it noticably helps save soap and water from day one. Operation is simple. Hand wash detergent is poured into the foam pump and then mixed with water. The mixture is then shaken so as to properly mix together. When mixed properly, the soap is easily dispensed using the foam pump.

It took us a few goes to get the right mix balance; not too soapy, not too runny. When we finally got the sweet spot, it was easy to use, fast and convenient. It also helps avoid wastage; handwash can be expensive and we love anything that’s going to help people save money.

The foam is usually a luxurious one and enables gentle yet thorough cleaning of the hands. Using this soap decanter allows detergent savings by up to 75 per cent while still allowing users to enjoy the aroma and feel of their preferred soap. Like I said, it ticks a lot of boxes!

The Cuisipro Foam Pump soap dispenser comes with a beautifully designed, ergonomic bottle that is easy to use and has a suction cup at the bottom to secure it firmly in place. I was impressed by the way the soap dispenser can be used one-handed: by pressing the top, the foam is dispensed before then being used to wash the hands clean.

All in all, it’s a well-priced item that’s available in Australia and worldwide. Anything at this price point that improves the experience of something as mundane and everyday as washing your hands, while saving money in the long run, gets my vote. So much so, that after receiving our review copy we went straight back to the supplier to order one for our second bathroom!

Family Rules - Stylish Decoration to Remind You and Your Family of the Little Things That Unite You

Bus roll prints are becoming more and more sought-after these days, and the Family Rules print, with its sleek, stylish look, seems to be quite a popular choice these days.

Bus rolls, these artful posters mostly seen in cafes and magazines, are now making their way into our homes as well. Though it can complement the design of the room by filling in empty wallspace, this bus roll is not only a decorative item - it is something deeper than that. It conveys a message that we all need to listen to - the values expressed in the lines appearing on the poster are not just words, but they remind us of some simple, general rules that could make our life so much more cheerful and balanced.

The Family Rules poster is A3 in size (approx. 33 cmx45 cm) and is available in black and latte, in two forms: in white solid timber frame with glass or simply on canvas. The framed print makes quite a nice decoration if you wish to hang it on the wall or if you just want to place it on the mantlepiece or on a shelf. The canvas print is a good choice if you choose to send it as a gift to someone -you can have it gift-wrapped or you can order a gift card to accompany the poster and make the present more attractive.

Unfortunately, the poster comes in only one size and in only two colors; however, it features an elegant, simple font, so its design can fit almost any interior design, from minimalist modern flats to ornamental, more traditional-looking homes.

A framed print of this type makes a nice present for your loved ones or serves as a creative decoration for your home. The Family Rules poster is there to sum up the rules of a balanced domestic environment.

The Beautiful Family Rules Print for Home Décor

It’s wonderful when a piece of home décor can be more than just something pretty, and the Family Rules print is not only beautiful but also a statement about what a family values and desires… and how certain members of the family are expected to behave! Available in a nice chalkboard black or a creamy latte colour, the print can also be ordered in a canvas variety that makes shipping and placing even easier.

Of course, it’s the contents of the print that make it so valuable.  A number of “rules” explain what’s expected of the family, and the rules are heartwarming and wonderful.  There are maxims on the Family Rules canvas that deal with attitude, relationships with others, and each member of the family’s overall outlook on life. The rules look at how family members deal with each other, and provide a useful reference point when reminding children how they should behave. 

Admonitions about attitude include being grateful, forgiving, and giving thanks.  These simple rules are critical in any situation, but in a family can mean the difference between peace and harmony!  The non-threatening reminder in the form of a piece of art makes the Family Rules print an essential part of any home.  Gratitude can be the deciding factor in nearly every situation, and forgiveness is especially important where family interactions are concerned.

The Family Rules canvas or print also makes a number of statements about how to act with others.  Simple politeness such as saying please and thank you bring a state of civility to family interactions. It might not be the peaceful nirvana of blissfully easy-going family life that we all dream about, but it’s gives us a temporary glimpse of how that perfect harmony might feel.  Using kind words and loving one another is also urged.  The family is also urged to try new things and, perhaps most importantly, to keep promises. 

The playfulness of the Family Rules print is also important.  Included is the order to “Be Happy.”  Everyone is encouraged to giggle and laugh.  The home is to be a place of joy and laughter, and the print serves to remind everyone of that simple fact.  To see those words mixed in with the more direct admonitions is to realize that the rest of the rules are designed to make the laughter and fun possible.

Art is important to life, but home décor is more than what might impress an interior decorator.  With the Family Rules print, a family can make very clear the stand they’re taking and the character of their home.  It’s simple, elegant, and most importantly, to the point.  Many art prints are beautiful, but few can so succinctly express the goals of a home.

Stylish Online Gifts - a Fast and Easy Way to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Beloved

Buying gifts is never easy, but maybe our life has become easier since there are so many websites that offer stylish online gifts.

A good gift is unique, reflects the taste of the person who it is given to and it is high quality. Where can you find such a gift? On one-top online shops, which are shops that do not specialize in one single domain of products, but offer complete product ranges in many different categories, such as 
stylish online gifts for gents, ladies and children alike, from clothing items to kitchen accessories, and from cosmetic products to jewelry; they usually offer advice on buying the right gifts. 

They organize the products into categories and provide a short description of the personality type who would most enjoy a certain type of gift, or of the celebration it would best fit. The names and descriptions of the product lines can also help you with your choice. 

On many online gift shops, you can also fine-tune your search by providing the gift budget. Such sites provide a menu where you can set the price range for the gift, and the page will display only the items that fit into the range.

When shopping for stylish gifts on specialized sites, you can usually find information about delivery as well. Most of them have a refund policy, so they usually offer you the possibility to return the gift if you change your mind, and you will also find an e-mail address and/or phone number where you can contact them for any issue. 

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that appears on most such sites provides answers for questions related to the modalities of payment accepted, changing or cancelling orders and other issues that might be of interest for you. So make sure you check it out before making a purchase.

Gift-shop websites provide a fun and easy way to choose the right present for your beloved. You can just sit comfortably on your sofa and drink a cup of tee, and you can find the prefect, 
stylish online gifts with just a few clicks.

Mother’s Day Gifts - Surprise Your Mother with Great Gifts Ordered Online

Honoring mothers and motherhood is one of the most beautiful subjects a celebration can have, and figuring what Mother’s Day gifts to surprise our mothers with certainly adds excitement to the preparations.

On Mother’s Day, we traditionally offer small gifts and some flowers to our mothers. The choice of gifts nowadays is really enormous - all you need is to stop and think what would make your mother really happy, and then find the right place to purchase it.

But how can we find the right Mother’s Day gifts? Well, maybe a list of your mother’s likes and dislikes can help. If you put it on paper, it is easier to establish the line of thoughts for selecting the best gift.

If your mother is a household goddess, she will be thrilled with some accessories for her kitchen; if she is a working mom, she will enjoy something that offers her relaxation and time for herself, like a mother and daughter spa package or a spa basket with oil burners and scented candles to transform the house itself into a spa.

Our life is busy and we are always in a hurry, so the easiest way of finding the right gifts for our mothers is undoubtedly through online gift shops. There are plenty of sites that can offer you great gift ideas for Mother’s Day. You can easily some good online gift shops, which not only deliver the gift in no time, but they will also wrap it for you if you want to.

Mother’s Day can really give you the opportunity to spoil your mother. Spending quality time with her children is the most important present for a mom, but you can add some little surprise elements, too. How do you do that? By finding the best Mother’s Day gifts!